Greedy Thieves

December 3, 2009

Last night at 1:30a (I guess technically that’s this morning, not last night), we get a report of multiple BMVs (Burglary of a Motor Vehicle).  2 cars are found with windows busted out and after-market radios ripped out of the dash.  After a quick survey of the rest of the parking lot, 2 more vehicles are found.

We catch a break, a witness saw a suspicious person running from the area when a car alarm was triggered about 10 minutes before we got the BMV calls.  The description goes out to our units and the 2 neighboring cities.

The registered owners are contacted and they begin to assess the damage and determine what was taken.  One car had two purses sitting in the front seat along with a brand new GPS unit. (not smart)

Dispatch gets word from city to our north that they have had a string of BMVs tonight also, about 30, and have someone detained that matches our description.  It’s him and he has some buddies with him.  Their car is loaded down with about 20 car radios, a handful of speaker systems, and 30+ GPS units.  They’ve been busy.

3 things to take away from the night:

  1. Don’t leave valuables sitting out in plain view in your car.  Hide them, or even better, take them with you when you get out of the car.
  2. Don’t be greedy.  The suspects could have stopped 10 cars earlier and made it home with a nice haul of pawn shop goodies.  But, they decided they needed to get more and more and more, and eventually it caught up to them.
  3. It sure is nice when the good guys win.

Indecent Proposal

November 23, 2009

There is an area that we have set up as an open forum for taggers to do their thing.  If you want to make some graffiti “art” but don’t want the headache of breaking the law, you can do it there.

I drove by last night to check for obscenities or gang related tags and I saw that someone had tagged a wedding proposal.

“Cindy, Will You Marry Me?”


Graffiti has replaced getting down on one knee?

“Cindy” hasn’t spray painted a response yet so I don’t know how everything turned out for our Casanova tagger.

The One About The Kid From Last Night…

November 5, 2009

We get a call close to 4am about a suspicious person in an area that is closed down for the night.  We arrive on scene and can’t locate the subject.  Then another call about a suspicious person matching the description of the first about a block to the south.

We track him down and it’s a 26 year old kid walking through a parking lot with a cardboard box and a backpack.  Questioning ensues…here are the highlights:

What do you have in the box?  Metal.

Metal?  Are you making art out of it? Recycling it?  Recycling.

And what’s in the backpack?  Metal.

OK. That’s cool.  Where were you coming from when we stopped you?  I don’t know.

Do you know where you are now?  Yes.

Can you tell me where you are now?  Right here.

OK.  Are you on any medication?  Yes.

What medication and what is it for?  (lots of mumbling here) for my Schizophrenia.

You’re Schizophrenic?  When were you diagnosed?  10 years ago.

Have you taken your medication tonight?  No.

OK.  Where were you headed tonight?  I don’t know.

Where do you live?  Is it nearby?  Yes.

Where is it?  Bill’s house.  My friend.

You stay with your friend Bill?  Are you walking there now?  Yes.

Which direction would you walk to get there?  Straight.

OK.  Can you point in the direction you would walk.  (he points south and proceeds to give very detailed walking directions…)

Is there anyone else here with you tonight?  Yes.

Who?  You.

OK.  Noone else besides us though?  You came alone?  Yes.


In the meantime dispatch has confirmed a warrant from a neighboring city so it’s off to jail for this confused kid.  He wanted to be certain that the metal and aluminum cans he had collected would be recycled and not thrown away, we complied.

This kid is dealing with some stuff inside his head that thankfully most of us don’t have to deal with.  His answers weren’t an attempt at being a smart-aleck, he just doesn’t process the same way as most.  He’s been dealt a tough hand, but hopefully through some counseling and staying on top of his medication he can lead a successful life.

Attack of the Urine

October 31, 2009

It’s the friday night before Halloween and we are told of a bus party that a fraternity is having.  2 50-passenger charter busses are making continuous round trips to and from the bar.  We post up where they are dropping off the kids on the way back from the bar.

Our intention is 100% officer presence.  We don’t want to ruin the fun.  We know that it’s college, it’s friday night, it’s Halloween.  Kids are gonna have fun and they are going to drink underage.

We are only concerned with not letting anyone that’s been drinking get behind the wheel and alos to make sure that there aren’t any kids that have had so much to drink that there is concern of serious health risks to them.

The night is going great.  We’ve pulled a handful of drunks out of the group to make sure they have a responsible and sober ride home and tell them that their night is done.  The cops and the drunks are all respectful, it’s going great.

Until the last bus of the night.  A kid gets off the bus, obviously hammered.  2 officers pull him to the side to make sure he’s not “over-drunk”.  He’s close but the officer’s decide that he is still OK enough to get a ride home from his buddy that hadn’t been drinking.

Then it hits the fan.  The drunk kid pulls out his wee wee and begins to urinate on the two officers talking to him.  He then is introduced to the pavement.  Now he has scratches on his face, he bit his lip, it’s bleeding, and he has pee all over himself.

Now he’s under arrest and will be spending the next 6 hours in jail.

He went from being released to a friend with nothing but a hangover, to spending the night in jai, having to pay to get bailed out, and some nice battle wounds.  Good move slick.




P90X and My First 5k

October 8, 2009

I’ve completed the first month of P90X and it is just about exactly what I thought it would be.  The first week was really tough; sore muscles, bland food, lots of sweat.

It has gotten easier and easier as I’ve gotten further into the program.

[picapp src=”4/a/8/a/Man_in_yoga_2787.jpg?adImageId=4879085&imageId=5066157″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

One thing I have learned, I am horrible at Yoga.  I’m reasonably flexible, but some of those positions are just not meant for a guy.  Period.

I’m also signed up to run in a 5k on November 7th.  I’ve never run a 5k before and I’ve really never ran that far without stopping before in my whole life, but I feel like I am in decent enough shape that I can fight through it.

[picapp src=”2/0/c/a/14.JPG?adImageId=4878953&imageId=2883334″ width=”190″ height=”306″ /]

My goal is to finish in 30 minutes with no breaks for walking.  A nice gentle pace for 3.2 miles.

I’ll let you know how that works out…

7 Things Cops Should Never Say

September 29, 2009

This is a summary of a really great article by Dr. George Thompson that you can read here.

7.  “Hey You, Come Here!”

You have just warned the subject that he is in trouble. “Come here” to the subject means, “Go away-quickly!” The words have provided a warning and possibly precipitated a chase that would not have been necessary had you, instead, walked casually in his direction and once close said, “Excuse me. Could I chat with you momentarily?” Notice this question is polite, professional, and calm.

6.  “Calm Down!”

This phrase is a criticism of their behavior and suggests that they have no legitimate right to be upset!  Better, put on a calming face and say, “It’s going to be all right. Talk to me. What’s the matter?” The phrase “What’s the matter?’ softens the person up to talk; where ‘Calm down’ hardens the resistance. The choice is yours!

5.  “I’m Not Going To Tell You Again!”

This phrase is almost always a lie. You will say it again, and possibly again and again!  Parents do it all the time with their kids, and street cops do it with resistant subjects, all the time! The phrase is, of course, a threat, and voicing it leaves you only one viable option-action! If you are not prepared to act, or cannot at the time, you lose credibility, and with the loss of creditability comes the loss of power and safety!  If you want to stress the seriousness of your words, say something like, ‘Listen, it’s important that you get this point, so pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.’

4.  “Be More Reasonable!”

You will never have anyone run up to you and say, “Hey, I know I’m stupid and wrong, but here’s what I think!”.  Make people more reasonable by the way in which you handle them.  Use the language of reassurance-“Let me see if I understand your position,” and then paraphrase back to them their meaning, as you see it, in your words. Using your words will calm them and make them more reasonable because your words will be more professional and less emotional.

3.  “Because That’s The Law!”

If ever there was a phrase that irritates people and makes you look weak, this is it!  If you are enforcing laws that exist for good reason, don’t be afraid to explain that! Your audience may not agree with or like it, but at least they have been honored with an explanation. Note, a true sign of respect is to tell people why.

2.  “What’s Your Problem?”

This snotty, useless phrase turns the problem back on the person needing assistance. It signals this is a “you-versus-me” battle rather than an “us” discussion. The typical reaction is, “It’s not my problem. You’re the problem!”  Substitute tactical phrases designed to soften and open someone up, like “What’s the matter?”, “How can I help?”, or “I can see you’re upset, let me suggest . . . .”

1.  “What Do You Want Me To Do About It?”

When you say, “What do you want me to do about it?” you can count on two problems: the one you started with and the one you just created by appearing to duck responsibility.  Instead, tactically offer to help sort out the problem and work toward a solution. If it truly is not in your area of responsibility, point the subject to the right department or persons that might be able to solve the problem.


Remember, insult strengthens resistance and shuts the eyes. Civility weakens resistance and opens the eyes!

It’s tactical to be nice!

Inside the Department

September 24, 2009

There have been 2 main developments at my department in the past month.

First, we finally hired a new chief of police.  He is a veteran chief that comes from a larger department than ours and I am very excited to see the changes he implements here.

Secondly, one of our officers has been AWOL for about 2 months and the brass either does not know where he is or is not at liberty to tell the other officers.  This particular member of the department was not the most popular or likeable fellow.  He rubbed a lot of the officers the wrong way, and to be totally honest, much of the department wouldn’t shed a tear if he never came back.  He is a very experienced cop and brings quite a bit to the department, but the other guys just don’t like to deal with the other crap that he brings as well.

Moral of the story is two-fold.

1-  Don’t be a jerk.

2-  Don’t focus on the negative in someone else.

“Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.” Leviticus 19:18