P90X and My First 5k

I’ve completed the first month of P90X and it is just about exactly what I thought it would be.  The first week was really tough; sore muscles, bland food, lots of sweat.

It has gotten easier and easier as I’ve gotten further into the program.

[picapp src=”4/a/8/a/Man_in_yoga_2787.jpg?adImageId=4879085&imageId=5066157″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

One thing I have learned, I am horrible at Yoga.  I’m reasonably flexible, but some of those positions are just not meant for a guy.  Period.

I’m also signed up to run in a 5k on November 7th.  I’ve never run a 5k before and I’ve really never ran that far without stopping before in my whole life, but I feel like I am in decent enough shape that I can fight through it.

[picapp src=”2/0/c/a/14.JPG?adImageId=4878953&imageId=2883334″ width=”190″ height=”306″ /]

My goal is to finish in 30 minutes with no breaks for walking.  A nice gentle pace for 3.2 miles.

I’ll let you know how that works out…


2 Responses to P90X and My First 5k

  1. Tanis Zamora says:

    It seems as every department in Texas has a running test. I have never been a runner. This post inspired me to start running.

    • Jody says:

      da faellt mir auf das ich wohl immer schon komisch war…mir hatte das als Kind nie was ausgemacht bzw kann ich mich kaum dran erinnern ob es in den Ferien geregnet hat oder nicht. Aber mit Bahn in die Stadt klingt doch gut 🙂 Mir wuerde das viel Spass machen (aber ich bin ja wie gesagt auch kochcsi*lamh)

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