Attack of the Urine

It’s the friday night before Halloween and we are told of a bus party that a fraternity is having.  2 50-passenger charter busses are making continuous round trips to and from the bar.  We post up where they are dropping off the kids on the way back from the bar.

Our intention is 100% officer presence.  We don’t want to ruin the fun.  We know that it’s college, it’s friday night, it’s Halloween.  Kids are gonna have fun and they are going to drink underage.

We are only concerned with not letting anyone that’s been drinking get behind the wheel and alos to make sure that there aren’t any kids that have had so much to drink that there is concern of serious health risks to them.

The night is going great.  We’ve pulled a handful of drunks out of the group to make sure they have a responsible and sober ride home and tell them that their night is done.  The cops and the drunks are all respectful, it’s going great.

Until the last bus of the night.  A kid gets off the bus, obviously hammered.  2 officers pull him to the side to make sure he’s not “over-drunk”.  He’s close but the officer’s decide that he is still OK enough to get a ride home from his buddy that hadn’t been drinking.

Then it hits the fan.  The drunk kid pulls out his wee wee and begins to urinate on the two officers talking to him.  He then is introduced to the pavement.  Now he has scratches on his face, he bit his lip, it’s bleeding, and he has pee all over himself.

Now he’s under arrest and will be spending the next 6 hours in jail.

He went from being released to a friend with nothing but a hangover, to spending the night in jai, having to pay to get bailed out, and some nice battle wounds.  Good move slick.




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