The One About The Kid From Last Night…

We get a call close to 4am about a suspicious person in an area that is closed down for the night.  We arrive on scene and can’t locate the subject.  Then another call about a suspicious person matching the description of the first about a block to the south.

We track him down and it’s a 26 year old kid walking through a parking lot with a cardboard box and a backpack.  Questioning ensues…here are the highlights:

What do you have in the box?  Metal.

Metal?  Are you making art out of it? Recycling it?  Recycling.

And what’s in the backpack?  Metal.

OK. That’s cool.  Where were you coming from when we stopped you?  I don’t know.

Do you know where you are now?  Yes.

Can you tell me where you are now?  Right here.

OK.  Are you on any medication?  Yes.

What medication and what is it for?  (lots of mumbling here) for my Schizophrenia.

You’re Schizophrenic?  When were you diagnosed?  10 years ago.

Have you taken your medication tonight?  No.

OK.  Where were you headed tonight?  I don’t know.

Where do you live?  Is it nearby?  Yes.

Where is it?  Bill’s house.  My friend.

You stay with your friend Bill?  Are you walking there now?  Yes.

Which direction would you walk to get there?  Straight.

OK.  Can you point in the direction you would walk.  (he points south and proceeds to give very detailed walking directions…)

Is there anyone else here with you tonight?  Yes.

Who?  You.

OK.  Noone else besides us though?  You came alone?  Yes.


In the meantime dispatch has confirmed a warrant from a neighboring city so it’s off to jail for this confused kid.  He wanted to be certain that the metal and aluminum cans he had collected would be recycled and not thrown away, we complied.

This kid is dealing with some stuff inside his head that thankfully most of us don’t have to deal with.  His answers weren’t an attempt at being a smart-aleck, he just doesn’t process the same way as most.  He’s been dealt a tough hand, but hopefully through some counseling and staying on top of his medication he can lead a successful life.


5 Responses to The One About The Kid From Last Night…

  1. trafficticketteam says:

    It’s nitce to see the police take the extra time.

  2. Tyson says:

    The exact response from an officer of the law I expect as a citizen instead of reading a story where the kid was tazed and beaten.

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  4. Shirley says:

    Poor guy. Busted for doing a good deed (recycling). We used to have an older gentleman here, who would get dressed up in his Sunday best, then go out at night removing flyers from hydro poles, and bus shelters (its illegal here, but not criminal). I thought he was very sweet, in spite of his inability to communicate with people (he was a loner).

    Hopefully the gentleman in this story ended up at a hospital, and not in the prison system.

  5. Skip says:

    Hi Melinda, I just came across your gorgeous post – what a pleasure to read.I must have missed it 3 months ago when it first came out. Such an intsreeting, perceptive and enjoyable read – it almost feels like it should be reposted so more people get a chance to see it. But then again, so many of these posts are full of pearls and worth a revisit – what a treasure trove or writing we have here

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