About A.C.C.

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Ephesians 5:11 (esv)

This is the blog of a Christian Cop.  I hope to be able to shed some light on what life is like for a law enforcement officer and also the challenges and blessings that are a result of being a Christian in this line of work.  I greatly appreciate your prayers for myself and all cops.

The opinions and views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the policies and views of my police department.  I’ve tried to respect the privacy of all individuals involved in the stories posted on this blog, including myself, citizens, and my fellow department members.  If you think you recognize yourself, feel free to contact me, and I’ll fix it.

God Bless.

If you have any questions at all about being a Cop, a Christian, or a Christian Cop I would love to try and answer them.  You can email me at  AChristianCop@yahoo.com.

11 Responses to About A.C.C.

  1. John Marx says:

    Hi, Thanks for following CopsAlive on Twitter. I enjoyed reading through your website and wanted to encourage you to attend our teleseminar this Friday September 4th at 2 PM Mountain Time (4PM EST) on Police Suicide. Our Guest is Rev. Robert Douglas the founder of the National Police Suicide Foundation who joined the ministry while working as a Baltimore City Police Officer. He has some very interesting insights on law enforcement, police suicide and faith. There will be a replay later if you are not able to attend the live event. Please help spread the word and may God Bless You at work and for all your work!

  2. Buddy Clark says:

    Response to the A.C.C.

    Good Evening; just happened to stumble on your site and wanted to thank you for “throwing it out there” and letting others know how strong you feel about your beliefs and openly identifying yourself as a Christian Cop.
    I’m under the impression that there aren’t very many genuine Christians in the Law Enforcement arena.
    I hope I’m wrong, but after 3 weeks in the Police Academy, I feel like I’m back in the military again regarding the “everyday vocabulary”, or lack thereof.
    The F… word seems to be favorite word of choice for most, with G.D. and M.F. running a close second and third.
    As a new cadet over 50 and a mature Christian who desires to glorify God, I’m already second guessing myself about doing something I’ve wanted to do all my life, and yet my selfishness to pursue my secular dream has already put me in an atmosphere that I know isn’t pleasing to God. As I look ahead to the next 23 weeks, any thoughts from a “Barnabas mindset” would be welcomed.
    Eph. 4:29..Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.

  3. R.J. Cop says:

    im very glad to see there is other cc’s out there. i really am proud to see other cops that are not scared to let others know they belive in somthing other that our justice system, but belive in god to due the work we are not able to do. on a side note is anyone else having problims with how you feel torwds some people we deal with. i mean thier are some people that we deal with that as soon as you put them in jail they say they have been saved, and then you belive they have so you feel that your work has done more than just put someone in jail. our work may have brought someone to god… then maybe weeks or a month later you have them for something worse. i have hard feelings with these people. i just dont like them or think they used my prayers and hopes they have been changed to get back out and do more bad. i dont want to hate these people but it is hard not to. any advise from anyone? well thank you for your time, and please be safe out there….

    • CC says:

      Thanks for checking out the blog RJ. My only advice to you is to remember that God knows what is really going on in everyone’s heart. We only need to do our job and pray for our fellow officers as well as those that we come in contact with on a daily basis. Pray that we represent our Savior the best that we can. Our God is a merciful God, but he is also a just God.

      God Bless and stay safe out there!

    • Beatrice says:

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  4. Frank Edwin Ramos Barral says:


    • Molly says:

      Have you ever tried Tops? I think it's in Pasadena soemhwere. I've only been to the Hat in Alhambra 😛 and I think I'm much more of a fan of the chili cheese fries than the pastrami..

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